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What people say about Debs music:

'....actually very beautiful, haunting and other worldly....I am a fan of what she is doing'
Simon Raymonde, Bella Union Records

'So beautiful......great atmosphere to it.'
Lisa Hannigan, Musician

'Quiver lipped acoustic folk from Newcastle'
Time Out, London

'Warm and engaging music from an exceptional musician and visual artist....the result is both fascinating and painfully honest.’
Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

'Dark, cinematic, and imbued with a miasma of mysterious melancholy, it conjures up moonlight walks and more than a hint of Edgar Allen Poe'
Andy Von Pip, Von Pip Musical Express

'...you realise how this music has elevated your sympathy, for in the silence that follows, you feel that the sound is still there, like a phantom limb.'
Tom Hollingworth, NARC Magazine

'It’s the sort of stuff where you'd just want to put on a whole album and let yourself be part of that space'
Kathryn Tickell, Musician/Amazing Radio

'...highly talented and extremely prolific'
Mike Lindley, Fruitbatwalton Blog