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Limited Edition (100) Hand Block Printed CD
Track Listing:

1. Nightingale
2. From Across The Pond
3. Captain Cook
4. Tiny Wooden Blocks
5. Black Winged Taker
6. Tired On These Pills
7. Hours Unplanned
8. First Flight Home
9. Sweet Blood
10. Alone On A Chord
11. Night Knows Not What It Is
12. Reprise To Fallen
13. The Way
14. Rose Madder

Tiny Wooden Blocks is a physical CD
It is a hand block printed limited edition of 100
Edition numbers are printed on back of CD
The CD combines tracks from Debs digital albums from 2012

*A FREE 8 track covers album is included in the purchase of this CD
The covers album is also a limited edition print

Tiny Wooden Blocks
Tiny Wooden Blocks